Nations League Final Four – Who Will Win?


As the UEFA Nations League reaches its semi-finals, the final four teams have emerged following an exciting last-round group stage. Check out the recap of the teams and their performances below to get an idea of each one’s chances of winning.


Many did not expect Croatia to be in the top four because of their 3-0 defeat against Austria in their opening Group A1 game. Their victories over Denmark saved them after they drew against France. The team’s coach uses a 4-3-3 formation with Luka Modrić, Marcelo Brozović and Mateo Kovacic in midfield. Despite Modrić’s age, he has a strong record of intelligent passes and good form that dominates the game for the team.


Italy lost 5-2 against Germany but gained back-to-back wins which led them to reach the top four. Roberto Mancini’s team used the 4-3-3 formation to start but switched to 3-5-2, which saw them make clear wins against England and Hungary in their last two matches. Among their great players, Giacomo Raspadori, 22, stands out with his optimistic attitude and excellent attacking skills.


The Netherlands’ 4-1 victory over Belgium cemented them as the only unbeaten team in the tournament. The formation used has three wingbacks, a midfield tandem, and two strikers creating a great tactic. Van Dijk is the team’s rock and helped them gain success thanks to being a great defender, a born leader and a vital goal scorer.


Though it wasn’t an easy ride for Spain, they managed to seal their spot in the top four teams thanks to their determination. The team’s coach uses the “everyone defends, everyone attacks” approach and doesn’t focus on one individual. The team pressed hard, played hard and liked to monopolise the ball.

Who will win?

The Netherlands will be a team to watch when the Nations League reaches its final stages due to their undefeated record. Great form combined with a superb team, they work together with one goal in mind: to win. However, it’s anyone’s game because they are in the top four against three other excellent teams.


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