Fulham Football Club is a professional football club based in Fulham, London. Founded in 1879, the club has a rich history, with several notable trophies and rivalries.


Fulham FC was founded in 1879 as Fulham St Andrew’s Church Sunday School. The club started playing at Craven Cottage in 1896, and it remains the club’s home stadium to this day. The club had several ups and downs throughout its history. However, it has enjoyed recent success, with promotions to the Premier League in 2001, 2018, and 2020.


Fulham FC has won several notable trophies in its history. This includes the 2010 Europa League Final, where they lost to Atletico Madrid. The club has also won the Football League Second Division twice, the Football League Third Division once, and the Football League Trophy once.


Fulham’s biggest rivals are Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers, both located in West London. The rivalry with Chelsea dates back to the 1920s, while the rivalry with Queens Park Rangers intensified during the 1970s and 1980s. Fulham also has a smaller rivalry with Brentford, a club located in the nearby town of Brentford.


Fulham FC is not one of the wealthiest clubs in English football, but it still generates a significant amount of revenue. The club’s revenue comes mainly from broadcasting and commercial activities, with their sponsorships and merchandising deals contributing significantly to their overall revenue.


Fulham Football Club has a rich history and notable achievements, despite not being one of the biggest clubs in English football. With passionate fans and intense rivalries, the club continues to be an important institution in West London and English football as a whole.

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