Fulham’s fixtures for 2022-2023 are out

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Fulham have received their fixtures for the season 2022-2023 ahead. The fixture list is the Premier League fixtures. Fulham are promoted to the Premier League after a good season in the Championship. They were able to achieve qualifications in the Premier League. Fulham have a difficult start to the season but it eases out shortly. As the saying goes, each team plays the other twice. Thus, it really would not matter about the start but how well they manage their season.

Fulham’s notable fixtures

Notable fixtures are Liverpool will be the first team they will play at the start of the season. They will also play their rivals, Chelsea, in September and then play them again in February. Also, they will play Manchester City and Manchester United before taking a break for the World Cup. Moreover, Fulham will be starting the new year of 2023 with Leicester City. Furthermore, their last game of the season will be played against Manchester United.

Fulham’s full fixture list

List of fixtures in August

6 – Liverpool (Home)
13 – Wolverhampton (Away)
20 – Brentford (Home)
27 – Arsenal (Away)
30 – Brighton (Home)

List of fixtures in September

3 – Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
10 – Chelsea (Home)
17 – Nottingham Forest (Away)

List of fixtures in October

01 – Newcastle United (Home)
08 – West Ham United (Away)
15 – Bournemouth (Home)
18 – Aston Villa (Home)
22 – Leeds United (Away)
29 – Everton (Home)

List of fixtures in November

5 – Manchester City (Away)
12 – Manchester United (Home)

List of fixtures in December

26 – Crystal Palace (Away)
31 – Southampton (Home)

List of fixtures in January

2 – Leicester City (Away)
14 – Newcastle United (Away)
21 – Tottenham Hotspur (Home)

List of fixtures in February

4 – Chelsea (Away)
11 – Nottingham Forest (Home)
18 – Brighton (Away)
25 – Wolverhampton (Home)

List of fixtures in March

4 – Brentford (Away)
11 – Arsenal (Home)
18 – Liverpool (Away)

List of fixtures in April

1 – Bournemouth (Away)
8 – West Ham United (Home)
15 – Everton (Away)
22 – Leeds United (Home)
25 – Aston Villa (Away)
29 – Manchester City (Home)

List of fixtures in May

6 – Leicester City (Home)
13 – Southampton (Away)
20 – Crystal Palace (Home)
28 – Manchester United (Away)

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