FSG made a significant choice that will be well-liked by Liverpool FC supporters

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The Reds’ owners decided they are no longer interested in a full sale of the club. They will still welcome investors, according to the Mirror, after The Athletic revealed in November that FSG had put Liverpool FC up for sale.

The Middle East currently alleges that FSG declined to sell a portion of the Reds to the country. As a result they have switched their interest to Man United. Qatar was one of the groups that was reportedly interested in acquiring a controlling stake in the club.

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The Red Devils get closer to a complete acquisition. Qatar is anticipated to submit a £4 billion proposal for the Manchester club before the deadline on Friday.

The majority of Liverpool FC supporters will welcome this decision by FSG. The Merseyside club cannot compromise its beliefs by selling to a nation with a dismal human rights record.

The owners of Liverpool FC are still looking for investments as they try to return the Reds to the top of English football.

Matt Slater on Liverpool FC condition

According to journalist Matt Slater, that is. Speaking to The Athletic Football Podcast today, Slater listed a number of factors that have made it difficult for FSG to attract significant interest in Liverpool FC.

“For whatever reason it hasn’t worked out. I think because of that high valuation for Chelsea, the fact that the economy, we’re one year further on and it’s not looking great, the fact that Liverpool FC have some challenges around re-tooling,” the journalist explained.

“I think some American sports investors who have the ability to pay that big price are thinking ‘super league appears to be off the table for a while, project restart [Project Big Picture] which was Fenway Sports Group’s thing didn’t go anywhere.’ So, I think there’s a few factors here that have created this… the timing’s wrong.”

“And then the last factor of the timing being wrong, what did Man United do a few weeks later? They massively stole the thunder and the light and sucked the air out of the room. Man United going on the market a few weeks later was just a kick in the teeth.”

“So that’s where this whole process is. That’s not to say people don’t like Liverpool FC. It’s not to say people aren’t interested, it’s not to say the bankers involved are not taking calls and I’m sure there’d be umpteen people who’d take a minority stake at the right price. But there hasn’t been someone come along and says ‘yes, here’s four billion, three-and-a-half billion, five billion, whatever you think it is you need, we’re having it.’”

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