Chelsea: Takeover Updates


The UK government sanctioned Roman Abramovich and froze his UK assets. His UK assets include Chelsea football club. A special sporting license allowed Chelsea to operate. However, This license expired at the end of May.

The expiry of the license puts Chelsea into big trouble as they haven’t found an owner for Chelsea yet. Roman Abramovich is yet to sell the club and is still considering the bids of three consortiums. The three consortiums are headed by Sir Martin Broughton, Steve Pagliuca and Todd Boehly. However, Todd Boehly is the frontrunner. According to sources, Abramovich chose Boehly’s bid into consideration. Moreover, It is likely a deal to happen in the next weeks.

However, Chelsea can’t allow the takeover to take more time. The takeover has already 3 months and is still going on. The longer they wait, The more the harm caused to the club in the long run. Even if Chelsea manage to extend their license, They won’t be allowed in the transfer market. They can neither buy nor sell players. Moreover, They cannot even extend contracts of players.

How Chelsea could change after the takeover

Chelsea FC had an owner who cared for the club unlike several other Premier League clubs. Roman Abramovich allowed the managers full control of the club and supplied them with sizeable transfer budgets. However, He was ruthless when required. Frank Lampard was given the sack after a number of poor displays even though he was a club legend. However, This allowed Thomas Tuchel to come in who brought them a Champions League trophy out of nowhere.

The new owner is likely to be someone not much interested in the club and more in revenue generated by the club. If it is to happen Chelsea are on a collision course unless they have a dedicated manager who stays with them for years. Manchester United had Sir Alex Ferguson who always managed to get them league titles despite the Glazers being greedy. However, His departure has shown Manchester United and what the Glazers have done to them. Chelsea could turn into a new Manchester United in the future.

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