Newcastle United make nine new scholarship deals

Eddie Howe's concern

Newcastle United have officially announced nine teenagers who will be signing scholarship deals with the academy in the forthcoming season.

All of the players will join the club on a full-time basis right after leaving school later in July.

Steve Harper, the club’s academy director, welcomed the young stars in the hope to groom them into the best talents.

The director is set to take the players under his wing and develop them for the next two years. Newcastle took to its official website to share this interesting update regarding the young talents.

A Bright Future for Newcastle

The newest recruits will undergo training sessions to match them with the highest level and hope they make the cut some day.

Here is the list of the new nine recruits-

Johnny Emerson, Lewis Miley, Rory and Harry Powell, Josh Donaldson, Dylan Charlton, Scott Bailey, Darren Palmer, and Carter Milmore.

Johnny Emerson made his U21 debut at the age of 16 in a Premier League Cup victory against Watford. While, Lewis Miley, the younger brother of the Magpies’ teenager, Jamie, has also been included in the deal.

The players will look to learn under the new management and hope to make it to the first-team setup one day. Moreover, Newcastle want to build an entirely new side with a new face and brand, unlike previous seasons.

With the intention to build a great infrastructure and an academy, a bright future appears to be on the horizon. The Magpies will groom the player and could help them flourish into becoming some of the finest talents.

Surely, these are exciting times for the club and the fans considering the future of the club.

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