Man City owners makes concern over Etihad Stadium future for fans


The Chief Operating Officer of City Football Group – the parent company overseeing Man City has offered concerning comments on the Etihad Stadium’s future.

The ongoing 2023/24 campaign has reaped the rewards of Man City historic Treble-winning campaign of last season,

With the reigning Premier League champions selling out every single ticket offered for all 19 top-flight home matches by mid-September.

On the season ticket waiting list for the Etihad Stadium, Pep Guardiola’s side have a staggering 120,000 supporters waiting on the sidelines for the invitation to purchase access to every single home game.

Man City to upgrade it’s stadium

Despite the success and keen demand to witness Erling Haaland and co in action live in the flesh,

One of the key members behind the scenes in the boardroom at the City Football Academy is demanding more when it comes to revenue.

As quoted by ‘The Political Economy of Football V2’, City Group’s Chief Operating Officer Roel De Vries has stated that Manchester City need to increase revenue generated through their home stadium

“If we want to stay competitive in the world of football and be in the top group when it comes to performance”.

De Vries, formerly of Nissan Motor Corporation, continued, “We cannot easily expand the (Etihad) stadium beyond 60,000. So then we have to figure out, ‘How can we squeeze a lot more out of the stadium?’”

Such comments have sparked a level of concern amongst the Manchester City fanbase,

With some sections of the supporter base on social media platform X suggesting

That the comments point towards a further rise in annual season ticket prices.

One user stated, “The atmosphere this season has been the worst I can remember. Whilst there are a number of reasons for it,

The most prevalent is the genuine ‘loud and loyal support’ is typically local and

Locals are being priced out season after season.”

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