Luis Diaz’s dad released: emotional message from Luis Diaz Senior

The father of Liverpool forward Luis Diaz was freed after 13 days of abduction from Colombian guerillas. They news came as a huge relief for the entire football world. After several negotiation attempts with the guerrillas, they released his father. Luis obviously very disturbed by this saga missed football at the start. He came off from the bench against Luton and scored the equalizer for Liverpool on Sunday. The Columbian celebrated with an appeal to release his dad written on his shirt. Luis Diaz Senior conveyed an emotional message to his wife after being freed.

Luis Manuel Diaz’s message to his wife

Monsignor Francisco Ceballos, who was one of the first persons to meet Luis Diaz’s dad after being released, said he told him he wants to remarry his current wife Cilenis Marulanda again. Kidnappers seized Cilenis and Luiz Diaz’s father. Leaving Cilenis abandoned at the roadside, while taking her husband hostage further into the mountains. Monsignor Ceballos revealed,

“He told me I had to marry her again because he had lost his ring. He said he wanted to renew his wedding vows.”

Furthermore, Columbian Media outlet Semana revealed that the abductors stole all his valuables before releasing him. Which allegedly includes his chain, ring and a bracelet. The 58-year-old asked the Bishop to remarry his wife as the wedding ring he lost had a great sentimental value for the couple.

Reunion with Liverpool Star and other family members

The Bishop previously revealed that Luis Diaz senior was forced to walk day and night during his kidnapping. However, the Columbian footballer’s dad is now safe and reunited with his family after 13 days. The footballer conveyed his gratitude to all those who supported him and thanking his entire nation for support during this time of peril. Furthermore, Luis Diaz’s cousin, Jose Brito Diaz, spoke with CNN, saying it was a moment of celebration for the entire family and the town at large.

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