Liverpool’s attacker wish is to move to Spain

Luiz Diaz

Ever since getting the knee injury in the 3-2 defeat against Arsenal, Luiz Diaz is still yet to make an appearance for the team.

He has been sidelined since that and recently made a trip back home for his recovery. While he was in Colombia, SOHO magazine sat down with him for an interview.

When the interview begun, the first question was why he does not like to give interviews.
Luiz responded:

“I usually say no to the Liverpool press team, that I prefer not to give interviews, but they take me to one, or two, and that’s it, I’ll get out of that quickly.“

“I know there are other players who are dying to be in the media. I am the other extreme, the less I get out, the better.”

Luiz Diaz on media

A few nights back, a video of Diaz in the nightclub was getting circulated which made Klopp and the team worried about him.

Taking that as an example, he said:

It is that they [journalists] are difficult, and in soccer, more. I was here in Barranquilla, recovering from my injury –the one I suffered on October 9 playing against Arsenal. When I went to a nightclub with my sister and my family. I knew that they were going to see me and that they would spread the news.”

“I [was] worried because people might think that I, despite being injured, went to a party. But I didn’t do anything, I was there, alone, with my little glasses and my cap.”

Diaz response on if he expected to go unnoticed at that club.

“No, I knew they were going to put me on the news, as they had done before, but at that time I was on vacation and I could do whatever I wanted. That is why I have decided, better, not to go out anymore. I go to a restaurant, quickly, so that people don’t notice me, but no more.

“I don’t go out there [Liverpool] either. But we go from time to time, to Italian restaurants, in that country the food is very different.

“In a different way [fans react] than they do here. Here they may see me eating with the family and still won’t mind interrupting and asking for a photo. In England the behaviours are different, there will be no interruption during the meal, but some fans have followed me to my house.”

Future plans for Luiz Diaz

Joining the reds in the January window last season from Porto, he managed to win the Carabao Cup and FA Cup with the team.

He also expressed his desire to move to a specific league.

“I would like to play for a Spanish club that has always attracted my family’s attention, but it is more of a childish dream,” 

Díaz stated.

“Now I only think about lifting trophies and making history with Liverpool, which is one of the biggest clubs in the world. I am very grateful for the opportunity they have given me.”

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