Talented Chelsea youngster is being compared with Jude Bellingham.

Wright Chelsea's Potter

Chelsea have been bringing out amazing talent in their squad. Mykhailo Mudryk, Nicolas Jackson and Conor Gallagher are there to name a few. Moreover, these youngsters are gonna represent the club at the senior level on a regular basis. One more addition to this list is being talked about a lot. Talented Chelsea youngster Kendry Paez is the one we’re talking about. He is being compared with Jude Bellingham and people say that he’s better than Bellingham was at this age. The 16 year old Ecuador international has signed with the blues. However, he’ll be joining them in 2025 when he turns 18.

The 16 year old midfielder has established himself as an important player. He’s now becoming a regular player in the Ecuador national team. Moreover, at just 15 years of age, he’s the youngest player ever to make it to the national team. If that’s not enough, Paez became the youngest South American player ever to score in a world cup qualifier match aged 16.

Why is so much spotlight being out upon the talented Chelsea youngster?

According to the Chelseachronicle, the reason why Kendry Paez is getting so much attention at the moment is his age. Becoming the youngest world cup qualifier goalscorer in your nation’s history is not something that’s done by all. Moreover, he still has a lot to learn. The 16 year old has ample amount of time to make mistakes. These things will help him focus on what’s good for him to make it to the senior level club.

Briefly speaking, Paez has more than a year before joining the blues and he can utilise this time well. He is getting national team call ups on a regular basis and that’s very important for him. Those pressure situations in world cup qualifiers are gonna help him maintain his composure. Let’s hope he adds value to the team when he arrives at Stamford bridge in 2025.

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