Jack Grealish hits back at Liverpool legend’s criticism

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Manchester City forward Jack Grealish has hit back at criticism from Graeme Souness.

Grealish joined City from Villa for £100 million. Since then he has been a constant target of fans and pundits.

Grealish’s career for City is nothing special as he is still not a starter for Pep. The lack of goals and assists for Grealish has surely affected his reputation.

According to Graeme Souness, the English winger cannot take criticism. However, Grealish disagreed with it as he spoke to the French outlet L’Équipe Magazine.

“I often feel like I just do exactly the same things as the other players, but people talk about them because it is me doing them…that’s exactly what I said in relation to him he always has something to say about me.

“And he responded by saying I can’t take criticism. Today, we, the footballers, if we allow ourselves to respond to something said about us.

We are portrayed as if we are people who cannot stand criticism. Sometimes I want to say to them , leave me alone a bit and focus on someone else, so that I can focus on my game.

“Because there is always this noise around me, generated by articles or other things. It is undoubtedly linked to my style of play and the fact that I play in one of the biggest clubs in the world. I imagine also that the fee that Manchester City paid for me to Aston Villa contributes to this attention also.

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