AFC Bournemouth is a professional football club based in Bournemouth, England. Founded in 1899, the club has a rich history of overcoming adversity on and off the pitch. Meanwhile, the club is affectionately known as the Cherries.

AFC Bournemouth defined its history by experiencing both highs and lows. Despite being one of the oldest football clubs in England, they struggled for many years to establish themselves in the upper echelons of English football. The club went through financial difficulties in the 1990s and almost faced liquidation in 2008. However, the club’s fortunes began to change under the leadership of manager Eddie Howe.

Despite their turbulent history, AFC Bournemouth has achieved some notable successes. In 2015, the club won the Championship title, securing promotion to the Premier League for the first time in its history. While the Cherries’ Premier League campaigns have been a mixed bag, they have established themselves as a competitive team in the top flight. The club has also won several lower-tier trophies, including the Football League Trophy in 1984 and the Associate Members’ Cup in 2003.

AFC Bournemouth has a number of rivalries, as is the case with many football clubs. The club’s main rivals are Southampton and Portsmouth. The rivalry with Southampton dates back to the 1950s when the two teams regularly competed in the same leagues. The rivalry with Portsmouth is more recent, with the two teams regularly playing against each other since the early 2000s. Fans of both teams highly anticipate these derby matches, and they often have a lot riding on them.

AFC Bournemouth’s recent success has been reflected in its revenues. In the 2019-20 season, the club had a total revenue of £35.5 million, up from £14.6 million just five years earlier. The club’s revenue streams come from matchday income, broadcasting revenue, and commercial revenue. Despite their increased revenues, the Cherries remain a relatively small club in comparison to some of their Premier League rivals. However, they have shown that they can compete with the best and are continuing to build for the future.

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