VAR controversy continues: Premier league managers feel that it’s doing more loss than good.

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Video assistant referee (VAR) was introduced in the European leagues to assist the referees. This would help in making complex decisions of the match. However, the technology is doing more loss to the teams than it’s benefiting them. The latest example is the Arsenal vs Newcastle United match. The gunners lost 1-0 to to the hosts. Moreover, the goal which was allowed to stand was controversial. It is quite clear that the ball was out of play during the goal buildup. However, VAR allowed the goal. VAR controversy continues in the league as the coaches and the teams are now giving out statements against the technology. To be more precise, it is quite clear that people are upset by the results of the match decided by VAR decisions.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta was completely dissatisfied with the goal given against his side at St. James Park. This is quite understandable as this match could cost the gunners their chances of getting the top spot in the league.

What is the league planning as the VAR controversy continues?

According to the mirror, the league management is thinking about changing the technology’s operator from next season onwards. The current operators are Hawk Eye. However, the goal line technology used by Hawk Eye has given impressive results and has minimal complaints. However, the other decisions given by the technology do not seem to be liked by the teams as well as fans.

Furthermore, if this continues, there’s a high probability that there would be repercussions due to this. Imagine what would be the scenario if a team looses the top 4 spot by a fraction of points due to this technically influenced decision of the referee? Goal line technology is pretty much okay. It really helps during complex scenarios. But decisions like ball out of play, fouls etc. are something that need to be revised.

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