Man City FC are prepared to sell £40 million star, If a successor is found

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Pep Guardiola’s tenure at Man City FC is most known for his amazing drive to make his squad the best at all times. As a result, he isn’t afraid to let the big-name players go if he thinks they have nothing else to provide him.

Perhaps because of his singular focus, he is currently one of football’s top managers. And, arguably, keeps his players constantly alert.

For instance, you seldom ever see a Man City FC player not try. Because they are aware that if they are not giving their all, Guardiola would have no problem hooking. Also he might possibly even sell them.

Pep is in a very healthy situation in some ways at Man City. Not many managers would have the guts to do that, or a team that wouldn’t suffer if they did.

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The strength of the entire Man City FC team prevents some players from even getting a chance to play, and defender Aymeric Laporte is one of them.

Football Insider reports that insiders claim the club will let the Spaniard leave for about £40 million if they can find a top-tier replacement.

In today’s market, that’s a very modest sum given that he’s still only 28 years old.

Laporte hasn’t played much for the Man City FC this season, but at that price, there will undoubtedly be a long list of suitors.

Laporte may be an excellent addition to any team, as he still has a decent number of seasons left at the highest level.

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