Girona lead the la liga table and that could be a serious problem for Manchester City.

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Girona are having a dream start to their la liga campaign. With 10 wins in 12 games, they are currently sitting at the helm of the league. 2 points above Real Madrid and 4 points above Fc Barcelona, the Spanish club is aiming for a champions league spot this time. However, their dream season can raise some issues for thier parent club, Manchester City. City football group must be happy seeing Girona lead the league. But this happiness may have to pay a price.

With 4 consecutive wins in last la liga matches, the Spanish club has fired up to the top position. This was confirmed as Real Madrid played a goalless draw with Rayo Vallecano on Sunday. Things seem to be pretty much clear as the end of the first half of the season approaches. Girona are more likely to get a top 4 finish and make it to the champions league next season.

Girona lead their league but it’s raising concerns for the premier league treble winners: complete breakdown.

As per dailystar, it’s prohibited for entities and owners to play multiple teams in the same European tournament. This multi-club ownership model is going to raise concerns for the City Football Group. Moreover, Manchester City is back at the top of the premier league table. The treble winners are expected to win the league again and they will be going to the champions league for sure. Moreover, the blues have been the favourites ever since they conquered the treble.

With that being said, it also seems pretty clear that Girona will also make it to champions league if they keep performing as they are doing at the moment. Now this is where the main concern rises. Who will City football group play in the champions league ? Treble winners Manchester City are a clear answer to this question. The only seemingly possible way that Girona can play in the champions league is if they are Sold by the City football group or thier majority stake is acquired by some other owner or entity.

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