Transfer Update : Barnardo Silva Wants to Sail for Paris in Next Summer

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PSG have now agreed personal terms with £50m Barnardo Silva for 2024. As as the Portugal international aims to leave Manchester City.

Some days ago , there was rumors in the transfer market that Pep wants a swap deal. But now the rumor is Paris Saint German wants approach City to have the midfielder.

What Is The Actual Drama ?

Le10sport covered the total drama. The French news outlet published the links between Barnardo Silva and PSG.

First time, the news is appeared in 2022. Also The French club tried in last summer though. Now it’s the third time.

As per report of le10sport, Club have now agreed personal terms with £50m Manchester City player for 2024 transfer, he wants to go.

Also The Parisians are much confident about the saga.

The french outlet said the Portuguese maestro needs new challenges also he has respect for ‘CITIZENS’.

They added also Kylian Mbappe himself is asking for the transfer to has Lisbon born playmaker. Then this things again rise new drama “is Mbappe seeing future in PSG ?”.

Then What about links Barnardo Silva and Manchester City ?

Barnardo Silva and Barcelona are part away because of financial pressure the catalan club have. But they were another elite to hold a desire to have the portuguese.

Tough for Spanish giants to sign him in next summer, so Barnardo Silva is going to Paris is almost confirm.

As we all know Pep Guardiola also didn’t hindrance his players those who wants to leave. Like Rahim Starling for Chelsea, Gabriel Jesus and Zinchenko for Arsenal, Ilkay Gündoğan for Barcelona.

So the way for Barnardo Silva to Paris is clear. And we may see the key player of Ethiad in PSG colors.

But anything else could happen between now and the end of the season, so saga is interesting as it attracts the fame.

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