Teammates collided: Trent Alexander Arnold and Marcus Rashford suffer a collision at international duty.

England played Malta in their European 2024 qualifiers. They defeated Malta 2-0 and confirmed thier top spot. But the match saw something that has raised concerns for the coach to regarding the upcoming matches. Two of the English Teammates collided with each other during the match. They are Trent Alexander Arnold and Marcus Rashford. The former bumped into the latter in the course of winning the ball. Trent was rushing in full speed as he was far away from the ball as compared to Rashford. Similarly, Rashford was also going for the ball but at a slower momentum. Result? Trent came like a rocket and hit Rashford. Moreover, Rashford had to be substituted after the collision.

According to strettynews, Alexander Arnold made a wonderful line breaking pass to Marcus Rashford in the 57th minute of the match. However, Rashford was occupied with defenders once he received the ball and headed towards the keeper. It seemed like he won’t be able to get a shot at the goal. Yet, he attempted the shot, only to be denied by the keeper. The ball was going out of the box and Alexander Arnold came running towards it to retain possession. Furthermore, Rashford was closer to the ball than Trent so he also went for the ball. During this course, both of them had a collision. Trent was the one with more speed and power in this situation so he recovered. However, the Manchester United forward suffered a hard hit and had to be substituted in the 61th minute.

Rashford went out and that allowed the Chelsea star Cole Palmer to make his debut for the three lions.

What’s the line-up update after Teammates collided with each other?

As per the reports, it has not been revealed that what is the level of seriousness of Rashford’s injury. However, he was substituted to prevent him from suffering any injury further in the match. His substitution was a mere precautionary measure. On the other hand, the Liverpool defender is fine and no injury news about him has been reported yet.

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