Saul Niguez Could Be On His Way To Chelsea

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Chelsea is looking to strengthen their squad and could be on the verge of signing Saul Niguez this window. According to Fabrizio Romano, Atletico Madrid is keen on letting the player go on a loan this season. This comes after Saul wasn’t given much playing time in the starting eleven last season. Chelsea currently lacks a rotation player with experience in the Defensive Midfielder position this season. As a stopgap solution if N’Golo Kante gets injured during this season.

Saul Niguez is currently 26 years of age and plays in the Central-midfielder position. Stating that, he is talented enough to play in multiple positions around the field. The player in 2017 had signed quite a unique 9-year contract extension with Atletico Madrid. At the time it was a statement by the player of his commitment to his boyhood club. Saul Niguez amongst the fans is a club favourite due to his contributions in helping the club win multiple titles. Currently, the player has 5 years left on his contract. This won’t help any club in trying to buy the player due to the time left. Normally FIFA restricts players from signing contract extensions of over 5 years. Saul Niguez due to this will need a club to spend an immense amount of money for a successful transfer.

How Can Chelsea Sign Saul Niguez Without The Need To Break The Bank?

Firstly, they will need to reduce the remaining years left on his current contract. By doing so, the players market value shall have a gradual decrease. The only way this is possible is for the player to play few more years at Atletico. Because of this, there could be a chance that the player could be sold to another club next season if they match the asking price. To turn this to be a deal from which Chelsea can make some value is to initially have a loan deal for a season or 2. By doing so Atletico can remove a part of the player wages of their books while also receive a loan fee. The loan fee comes into place as a medium due to the current contract length. By the end of next season,, Saul will be 27 years old and entering the prime physique of his career.

If Saul has a successful season with Chelsea and the club would like to buy him. The clubs can either have a clause in this loan deal to buy the player. Similar to the likes of the Mateo Kovacic deal between Chelsea and Real Madrid.

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