Cristiano Ronaldo Could be on his way to the Premier League

Bertrand Traore

Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked to clubs in Premier League as well as PSG. This comes after the player being on the bench during Juventus’s match against Udinese. The match did end in a 2-2 draw but that wasn’t the most interesting bit of news concerning Ronaldo that night. Fabrizio Romano before the match had reported that Cristiano Ronaldo was on the bench and requested it. According to him, the player didn’t want to risk getting injured to increase the odds of a possible transfer. While many clubs cannot afford the player’s wages and with Ronaldo getting older. It must be reported that Juventus have already stated an amount there are willing to sell the player for.

Cristiano Ronaldo is now 36 years old which doesn’t help his market value nor his physical abilities. Currently, he just has a year left on his current contract with Juventus. It would be tough for Juventus to even selling a player of his stature due to the wages the player is on. Due to this nearly 95% of the clubs in the world are out of the picture. Indeed, this would leave the most valuable clubs in the world to afford him. Juventus are reported to accept a transfer fee close to 25 million Pounds of Cristiano Ronaldo. In 2018 Juventus had bought Cristiano Ronaldo for a fee of £105.30m. While the club hoped the addition of Ronaldo would help the club win the Champions League during his time at the club. Which sadly they didn’t and also didn’t be able to win the 10th Seria title last season.

Which Club Currently Could Sign Cristiano Ronaldo This Transfer Market?

Due to the Covid Virus, many clubs had their financial structures of most clubs were stocked to the score. The teams who have been most affected are the ones who relied a lot on matchday revenue. Clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid Juventus and Tottenham Hotspur make a lot of their revenue during match days. Once that was taken away, it simply led to chaos and many players of higher stature to go for free this season. There are very few clubs that are well managed by their owners and who require a player like Ronaldo. One must also note that Ronaldo is getting older and cannot help must in pressing constantly.

Even though last season he scored 29 goals and assisted 3. His average positions indicate him not tracking back at all. With him spending most of the time out wide on the left or in zone 14. If any team wishes to play Cristiano Ronaldo, they will need to create their system around his playing style hoping him to have the same output. They will need to imply a system with their midfield being able to cover spaces that a team would expect their striker to be in.

Currently, the only teams who need a Striker as soon as possible are Manchester City and Manchester United. Manchester City only has Gabriel Jesus who can play as a striker. Whereas Manchester United have Mason Greenwood, Edison Cavani and Antony Martial. It would not make sense for Manchester United to go back to their former player due to the wage issue it might cause

Why Manchester City Could Swoop Cristiano Ronaldo?

Currently, Manchester City is trying really hard to sign Harry Kane for £150m. It would be quite the sign if they sign Cristiano Ronaldo. This would infuriate most of Manchester United. While the club could save 100 million pounds and instead go for Ronaldo. It must be stated that the player could be asking quite a high wage. If they do so, they could use that 100 million and sign Haaland next season for 70 million pounds. It has been reported that Jorge Mendes has been in touch with Manchester City recently. There is one more week left in the Transfer Window. Let’s see where this goes.

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