Qatar’s Liverpool takeover chance explained by journalist after Man United deal collapsed

Manchester United

Qatar reportedly still have money set aside for taking over a Premier League club. umours that Liverpool are on the Middle Eastern state’s agenda. According to the Daily Mail’s Mikel Keegan, Qatar have set aside as much as $8bn (£6.5bn) to take over an English club, with news breaking recently that a deal to buy Manchester United had collapsed. Journalist explains qatar’s Liverpool takeover after collapsing the Man United deal.

Qatar’s Liverpool takeover chances:

Keegan said:

What I know about is that they set aside $8bn for this project. That money is there and ready to go. It will be burning a hole in their pocket.“What a story that would be, if they were that way inclined. From what I am led to believe they are very disappointed and angered at how this has played out.

What better way to respond than go to United’s biggest rivals down the road and throw all the money you were going to put into United into making them pay for that decision not to sell to you.” This shows that qatar’s Liverpool takeover is a high chance after failing the united deal.

Liverpool fans against the bid:

However, Liverpool fans may be against this Qatari bid for their club. Nation states getting involved with football is a worrying trend that’s showing no sign of slowing time. Hence, Liverpool fans should be hoping that a Qatar takeover isn’t on the cards. Whilst there is an appetite for new owners to come to replace FSG, few supporters will stand with a nation-state like Qatar buying Liverpool given their reported human rights abuses.

Indeed, Liverpool fans know that a change at the top is needed. However, the situation not as desperate as United’s supporters need to ensure that they are against a Qatari bid.

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