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The Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola, and his friend Juanma Lillo are very good at making plans for football games. They also help young players become better. This week, there’s a special chance for them to show a new young talent named Matheus Nunes. In this article, we’ll talk about three things they might work on while Matheus Nunes is with them during the international break.

Matheus Nunes: The Emerging Talent

Matheus Nunes is a young football player from Brazil, and he’s 23 years old. He came to Manchester City from Sporting CP in the summer. People were surprised because Manchester City already has many good midfield players. But the coaches, Guardiola and Lillo, saw something amazing in Nunes. Now, during the international break, they have a good opportunity to show how talented he is.

Nunes is a really promising player who can do many different things in the middle of the field. He’s strong, good at controlling the ball, and can run fast with it. This makes him a great addition to Manchester City’s midfield. During the international break, the coaches, Guardiola and Lillo, will probably help Nunes fit into their way of playing, which involves passing the ball well and having a smart plan for the game.

Tactical Adaptation For Nunes:

Guardiola and Lillo are known for changing their plans depending on the other team they’re playing against. As Matheus Nunes gets used to how Manchester City plays, the coaches will use this break to help him understand their way of playing better.

Nunes might have to learn different jobs on the team. Guardiola likes his players to be able to do many things. So, he could play in the middle or even go forward in the field. During the break, Guardiola and Lillo will practice different ways of playing and where he should be during games. This way, he can be ready for different situations when he plays.

Building Chemistry :

When a team plays football, it’s important that the players understand each other and work together. This helps the team win. Adding new players to a team takes time.

During the international break, Guardiola and Lillo will focus on helping Matheus Nunes become friends with his new teammates. They will practice a lot and play practice games without fans watching. This will help him learn how his teammates move, what they like to do, and how they play.

Getting along well with players like Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva will be very important for Nunes to fit in and play well.


During the international break, the coaches, Pep Guardiola and Juanma Lillo, have a special chance to help Matheus Nunes fit in with Manchester City’s team. He is a very good player who can do many things on the field, like playing strong, being creative, and adapting to different situations. This is good for Manchester City, who are already champions in the Premier League.

Guardiola and Lillo will work on helping Nunes understand how to play with the team and also get along with his teammates. This will make him even better. Fans can be excited to see how Nunes gets better with the coaches’ help in the coming weeks. This could make Manchester City’s team even stronger.

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