Liverpool interested in Andre Trindade now cooled down


Liverpool have been linked with Andre Trindade for some time now. But another young Brazilian midfielder is also on their radar at the moment.

The South American market is becoming more and more appealing to Premier League clubs. This comes after Brexit affected youth recruitment from Europe. And it’s fair to say there are some gems over in Brazil and Argentina worth keeping an eye on for big Premier League clubs.

The likes of Julian Alvarez and Gabriel Martinelli have become sensational stars after arriving from South American in recent years. And now, Premier League clubs are on the lookout for the next gems in world football from these regions.

Liverpool have had their eyes on Andre Trindade for a little while. But according to The Redmen TV, Liverpool are also one of the teams keeping tabs on Gabriel Moscardo from Corinthians.

Moscardo over Andre Trindade for Liverpool

Redmen Tv went on to say:

“My feeling is that Liverpool will hire a defensive midfielder from South America, the biggest feelings that we have right now is Andre from Fluminense, Redondo from Argentina Juniors or Moscardo from Corinthians. Redondo is from Argentina Juniors and Moscardo is from Corinthians. Andre is a world-class player right now, he is ready for European calibre, and Liverpool just need to improve the offer a little bit,”

Moscardo isn’t a player we know much about at the moment. After all, he is 18 years old and playing in Brazil. But if he’s already caught the eye of Liverpool after just a handful of senior appearances. He must have something special about him.

The teenager probably wouldn’t be ready to be an immediate first-team star at Anfield. But, at the age of just 18, he could be a long-term project for the Reds. This is to work on as they look to lay the foundations for a very successful and big future.

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