Kyle Walker gets ultimate praise the best right back from Pickford

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Jordan Pickford had nothing but praise for his England teammate and Manchester City right-back, Kyle Walker. That is following Walker’s first goal for the national team.

Lauded as ‘irreplaceable’ by Pep Guardiola, the 33-year-old remains an essential fixture for both his club and the national team.

Despite the rise of young talents like Rico Lewis at Manchester City and strong competition from players like Reece James, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Kieran Trippier in the England squad, Kyle Walker maintains his status as a consistent starter for both club and country.

Jordan Pickford has spoken highly of Kyle Walker. Thus, describing him as “the best right-back in the world” and asserting that he is undoubtedly the fastest player globally. Pickford said further: “His pace against Mykhaylo Mudryk, who is absolutely rapid, games against Kylian Mbappe, his defensive stuff as well. And now, he is 33, he has got that experienced head and he has been at City winning those titles. He’s won everything. He’s done his career, he helps us as players. But the experience side of him is really good to work with.”

Kyle Walker being a significant figure for both club and country

Jordan Pickford’s assessment is certainly valid. And even as Walker advances in age, his significance remains pronounced. Not just on the field but also as a valuable presence off it.

The role of Kyle Walker within the leadership group for both club and country underscores his importance as a leader, making his presence even more crucial.

For both England and Manchester City, Kyle Walker is a reliable asset. Capable of nullifying even the most formidable wingers in high-stakes matches.

Furthermore, the Tottenham defender brings a wealth of experience. Having clinched five Premier League titles, among other trophies, to his name.

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