Hendrick on Man City: “Relegation not enough punishment”

Manchester City

Everton were recently penalized due to Financial Fair Play violation, with a point deduction of 10 points. Everton however only had a single FFP violation. Whereas, Man City have 115 FFP violations up to 2018. Everton’s punishment certainly stirred up some controversy from the rivals of Man City. People are questioning the treatment Man City receive from the authorities. According to the punishment Everton received, Man City should have faced harsh repercussions of so many FFP breaches. But the reality is far from expected.

Dave Hendrick on Everton’s punishment

Speaking to Anfield Index, Hendrick said,

“Everton have been docked 10 points, which is not necessarily enough, but certainly a good punishment for their cheating.”

Hendrick expressed that Everton’s stay in the Premier League, harmed other clubs, like Burnley. Burnley may have avoided relegation if Everton was penalized earlier, according to him. The discussion with Anfield Index also led to a conversation about Everton’s financial issues and new stadium. Although, Everton’s punishment had reactions on the contrary to Hendrick. Mayor of Liverpool city region, Steve Rotheram said,

“This is an excessive and grossly unfair punishment for a single charge – and makes a rod for the PL’s back in future. I’ll be supporting the club in their appeal.”

Hendrick on Man City FFP breaches

Talking about Man City’s 115 FFP violations, Hendrick said,

“Relegating them… won’t really punish them at all. It’ll slow them down for a year or two, but that’s it”

Hendrick believes Man City must be stripped of their Premier League titles they won over the years. Man City recently had their height of success with a treble winning season. Despite having more than 100 instances of breach of FFP rules, no action has been taken against the Manchester side. Financial giants like Man City and Chelsea must be monitored closely and given punishments to ensure fair flow of money in Football, Hendrick emphasized.

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