Dispute: Sheikh Jassim Glazers and Sir.J Ratcliffe in United Takeover

Manchester United

Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani has reportedly expressed his dissatisfaction by sending a letter of complaint to the Glazers, the current owners of Manchester United. Sheikh Jassim had been actively involved in the takeover process of the club until he stepped back earlier this month. This move left British businessman Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Ineos Group as the potential party to finalize a deal for a minority stake in the club, which is estimated to be around 25 percent. It has been a great dispute in discussion.

Jassim’s Manchester United Offer: Dispute

Jassim Sheikh wanted to buy Manchester United for a lot of money, more than £5 billion. But the current owners, the Glazers, didn’t like his offer.

Now, another person, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, and his company INEOS want to be part of Manchester United’s football operations. They might want to take over the club slowly, step by step.

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He sent a letter to the Glazers, but we don’t know what’s in it. Some people think Sheikh Jassim believes the Glazers never really wanted to sell Manchester United. They might have used the takeover talks to make the club worth more money and sell a little bit of it for a high price.

Sheikh Jassim offered to buy Manchester United many times over the last 11 months. He promised to give a big amount of money to pay off the club’s debt; also believed that the club was worth much more than what other people believed. He wanted to put even more money into improving the stadium and the team.

When Sheikh Jassim announced that he was no longer interested, the value of Manchester United on the stock market experienced a significant drop, approximately 22 percent. These events add more intrigue and complexity to the story of who will own Manchester United.

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