Chelsea and Juventus agrees a swap deal between Lukaku and Vlahovic

Lukaku to be seen in Newcastle

Reports indicate that Chelsea and Juventus have successfully negotiated the valuation of Romelu Lukaku. This development might prompt the Blues to accelerate the progression of a potential deal involving Dusan Vlahovic. Especially in light of Christopher Nkunku’s knee injury news.

Christopher Nkunku is going to delay his Chelsea debut due to undergoing surgery shortly before the commencement of the new season. The £52 million signing sustained an injury during the team’s last pre-season friendly against Borussia Dortmund over the weekend.

Chelsea officially announced on Tuesday that Nkunku is going to endure a prolonged spell on the sidelines. This development delivers a significant setback to Mauricio Pochettino. Since Nkunku constituted a pivotal element of his plans for the upcoming campaign.

Chelsea desperate to get their hands on Vlahovic

Chelsea had previously been associated with a potential move for Juventus’ standout, Vlahovic. The absence of Nkunku might now expedite the process of finalizing a deal for Vlahovic.

In the event that Chelsea secures the signing of Vlahovic, the deal would entail Lukaku moving to Juventus as a component of the arrangement. Pochettino has reportedly made the decision to exclude Lukaku from the vision he is constructing for the team’s future endeavors.

According to the Italian publication La Gazzetta dello Sport, discussions are ongoing between Chelsea and Juventus. The report asserts that the two clubs have reached a consensus on the valuation for Lukaku, which is reportedly in the vicinity of £34.4 million.

Nonetheless, the two clubs are still in the process of determining the additional amount that Chelsea would need to include alongside sending Lukaku to Turin. According to the report, Chelsea’s initial proposal for Vlahovic encompassed Lukaku plus an additional sum of £17.2 million.

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