Aston Villa staff will have to leave to make space for Emery’s team

Unai Emery Aston Villa Premier League

Unai Emery is the new manager of Aston Villa. Villa are having a bad season so far in the Premier League.

New faces and changes at Aston Villa

Villa appointed Unai Emery on Monday. Aaron Danks who is the interim coach is yet to be informed whether he will continue at the club or not. In addition, Neil Cuttler [Head of goalkeeping] and Austin MacPhee [set piece specialist] are all waiting for their news to see whether Emery will bring in new people for their role.

Emery will bring a backroom staff of his own from Spain to start his new project. Former Liverpool assistant Pako Ayesteran, video analyst Victor Manas, and goalkeeping coach Javi Garcia can join Emery. Pablo Villanueva and Antonio Rodriguez are all expected to join Emery at Villa Park.

Danks told Sky Sports,

“There’s been no contact. For me it’s been head down and full focus on preparing the team for the (Newcastle) game.”

“I can only go on my own experience and when I moved to Belgium, I had a month to prepare and there was a lot to get through. For someone and their staff to have seven days, I totally understand.”

On Emery’s credentials, Danks said:

“You just have to look at his pedigree, what he’s done and where he’s worked to know he is a top coach. He is a high performer.”

“I really enjoyed watching his Villarreal team in the Champions League, like many supporters and coaches did. We’re just really excited to welcome him to the club.”

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