“Aging like fine wine” : Germain Defoe is impressed with Liverpool star’s performance


Liverpool are aiming to clinch the premier league title this season. All their players are in form right now. They are looking to strengthen their spot in the top four. But one of the players of the team has the most impressive performance till date this season. He is aging like fine wine. Yes we’re talking about the Egyptian king, Mohammed Salah. His performance this season has been earning praises from many veterans as well. Former Tottenham man, Germain Defoe is one of them. He has admired Salah for the Reds forward’s impressive performance against Nottingham Forest over the weekend.

Salah has 8 goals and 4 assists in 10 league matches this season. This has helped the Reds gain a spot at top four. They now sit there comfortably just behind Tottenham, Manchester City and Arsenal. The form Salah is in right now, there’s a high probability that Liverpool are going to be on the top anytime soon.

Mohammed Salah is aging like fine wine: What does Germain Defoe has to say.

As per rousingthekop, the former Tottenham and Sunderland forward has spoken about Salah.

“He is a great player. Just look at his stats. Only goal involvements. The way he rolls and drags back the ball at the edge of the box. I mean that’s unbelievable.” – Germain Defoe said.

Moreover, the Liverpool man has the support of his teammates as well. That allows him to play independently throughout the pitch. That clearly shows his four assists so far this season.

Sometimes it looks like that he’s a video game character that just power ups himself every time he steps on the pitch. Just taking on defenders, scoring goals and even assisting them, the Egyptian is getting better season by season even at this juncture of his career where most of the players either go to some lower league or retire.

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