30-year-old Japanese again off against Brentford; so far Liverpool trash The Bees


Wataru Endo is being consistently flop for Liverpool in the big stage of English soil. Nothing new, as today he again faced sufferings but behind all of this Liverpool snatched the victory from Brentford.

A £16 million acquisition from VfB Stuttgart that thrilled football aficionados and statisticians equally.

He also brought a prestigious international resume and a well reputation in Merseyside.

Today against Brentford

Although Liverpool won today’s premier league clash 3-0 against Brentford at Anfield. But Endo suffered a lot. It’s looking like he has a barrier to find himself in the 100 yard.

Further, it was Salah who score a brace. Following the victory Liverpool currently have 2nd place in the league table.

Wataru Endo disappointed many ones

Though the Japanese midfielder has struggled since joining Liverpool.

Thus far his last performance against French side for the Reds was far from good.

He was luckily avoid a red card after hooking off during halftime of Liverpool’s thrilling UEFA Europa League loss to Toulouse.

Joe Cole criticised the former Bundesliga player on TNT Sports regarding a card issue. As he said:

“Endo should’ve been sent off.”

Endo’s Premier League debut has not gone as expected, and the midfielder already seems to be playing for Liverpool’s long-term future.

The Japanese star has found the move from Germany to England difficult. And Klopp will have to make a significant choice if Wataru Endo is unable to settle into his new routine quickly.

He has the experience to return to his peak. But even the most ardent supporters of the him will acknowledge that his time as a Liverpool player is running out.

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