Real Sociedad is a professional football club based in the Basque Country of Spain. The club is one of the most successful in Spanish football history, with a long and proud tradition of success on the field.


Real Sociedad was founded in 1909 and quickly became one of the most successful football clubs in the Basque Country. Meanwhile, the club won its first La Liga title in 1981 and has since gone on to win two more league titles, in 1982 and 2021. Moreover, the club has also been successful in the Copa del Rey, winning the tournament twice in its history.


Real Sociedad has won several trophies throughout its history. The club has won three La Liga titles, two Copa del Rey trophies, and the Supercopa de España once. Real Sociedad has also been successful in international competitions, reaching the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup in 1983 and the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League in 2004.


Real Sociedad is one of the wealthiest football clubs in Spain. The club’s revenue comes from several sources, including television rights, sponsorship deals, and ticket sales. Moreover, the club has a loyal and passionate fan base, and the team regularly sells out its home games at the Anoeta Stadium.


Real Sociedad has several fierce rivalries in Spanish football. Meanwhile, the club’s biggest rivalry is with Athletic Bilbao, another Basque football club. Known as the Basque Derby, the rivalry between Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao is one of the oldest and most intense in Spanish football. Moreover, the derby has been played over 150 times, with Real Sociedad winning 42 of those matches.

In addition to the Basque Derby, the club also has rivalries with other clubs in Spain, including Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.


Real Sociedad is a football powerhouse with a long and proud tradition of success. The club has won several trophies throughout its history and is a competitive force in Spanish football. Real Sociedad has fierce rivalries with Athletic Bilbao and other clubs in Spain, making every match a must-watch for football fans around the world.

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