Steven Gerrard proved right as Unai Emery agrees with his decision

Steven Gerrard

Aston Villa recently sacked Steven Gerrard as their manager and appointed Unai Emery as a replacement.

but now it seems like Unai Emery has reached the same conclusion as of Gerrard regarding a player.

Emery will be joining the team from 1st November his work permit will get clear.

Gerrard had a very poor record with Villa as the time of his departure, the team were at the joint lowest point in the Premier league.

Aston Villa decided to with Unai Emery as an option for the manager and will surely be looking to give him a budget to improve the squad.

Recently a report from a football insider claimed that Emery will be looking to upgrade the left centre back position. Tyler Mings is currently playing in that position.

Emery shares the same idea with Gerrard

Gerrard was always speculative regarding Mings future in the team. He also stripped him of captaincy and played Carlos and Konsa as the duo in the back.

But with Carlos getting injured, Gerrard went back to Mings because of necessity and not because he changed his views regarding him.

Sources claim that Gerrard would have sold Mings in the summer only if they had a good replacement for him.

The new manager also seems to agree with this as Villa are in search for a left centre-back and are planning a future without Mings.

Potential targets for Aston Villa?

However no links have come out, Pau Torres will surely be a huge upgrade for the tea. Having played for Emery in the past, he can be very vital for the team.

Being linked to Arsenal and Manchester United in the past and with many teams scouting him, it’s not going to be that easy for Villa to sign him.

Do let us know in the comments which player Villa can target are they should continue with Mings.

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