Problems occurring for Aston Villa

Steven Gerrard

The English club Aston Villa has another player as Matty Cash on the sideline due to injury. The English club from Aston, Birmingham, led their foundation in 1874. One of the oldest and most successful clubs in England is fighting to protect their legacy. Liverpool were at 14th position, just 10 points above the relegation zone. The result neither the club’s manager and players nor the Villa fans all around the world had wanted. As a result, the club went under the new management of the former England and Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard. Villa fans have many high expectations from the English manager, to bring back the glory days of Villa park. But, not many changes came to the club’s proceedings. As the club lost 4 out of 6 opening games, winning only 1 game alone.

Furthermore, now the club is facing yet another injury, and now as their star right-back player Matty Cash. The Polish-Englishman began his senior career at Nottingham Forest on October 2014. The 25-years-old had a tremendous spell at the club. Further, his arrival to yet another English side came in September 2020. When Matty Cash joined the Aston Villa side. And now while facing the defending champions City at Villa park, the Polish-Englishman had an injury. Which evidently forced him to move sidelines.

Matty Cash to go sidelines due to injury during Aston Villa clash with the Champions.

Villa’s right-back Matty Cash has been on Gerrard’s playing XI for all the opening 6 games. Which is a big blow to Gerrard, who now be looking for another promising right-back option. Cash is set for his time on the sidelines after he had an injury and was forced a substitution in the clash against Pep Guardiola‘s men. In the 27th minute of the game, Cash had a hamstring injury. Villa’s physio team immediately took him for treatment. Villa journalist Ashley Preece on his Twitter handle said,

“Steven Gerrard confirms Matty Cash has a hamstring injury and will be sent for an MRI scan. Naturally a doubt for Leicester next week.”

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