Lukaku apologizes for his controversial interview by Sky Italia

Premier League player

Chelsea centre-forward Lukaku publicly apologised for the comments he made in an interview with the Italian media. He was dropped by Thomas Tuchel following the comments, but all has been forgiven at Stamford Bridge.

Last Thursday, the Belgian frontman spoke about his life in Milan and his possibilities to return in the near future. He went on to claim that he was unhappy with his current situation at Chelsea.

The Blues head coach Thomas Tuchel dropped Lukaku from his squad following his interview for Sunday’s Premier League fixture with Liverpool. However, he stated that the Belgian has rejoined the group ahead of the EFL Cup clash with Tottenham Hotspur on Tuesday.

In his pre-match press conference, Tuchel revealed that the Belgian has apologized after the interview given to Sky Sport Italia. 

“First of all, we are happy that we took the time to look calmly on it, this is what we did. He apologised and is back in the squad for training today. The most important thing was to understand and believe it was not intentional.

There was never the slightest behaviour against the team. These are very important points to understand that it is not that big as people or you want it to be. It is also not small but small enough to stay calm, to accept an apology and to move on.

He is an emotional guy, he does not hold back with his opinion. We should not just blame him and point on the negative side of it, we have to adapt. It created some noise that you don’t want but there are zero doubts in his commitment to the team.”

The Belgian superstar has scored 5 goals in 13 matches for the Blues but has suffered a couple of injuries. He also posted a video in which he apologised for the incident to the fans and the club.

Lukaku’s future in Chelsea

The matter seems to have ended on a positive note with Lukaku’s apologies after the as reported by journalist Fabrizio Romano. Tuchel clarified that the 28-year-old is an important part of his project.

Journalist Fabrizio Romano reported that Lukaku won’t be loaned or sold to any other club and will stay in Chelsea. So, as it stands, the $132m frontmen will carry on his playing and win more accolades with Chelsea.

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