Liverpool’s quest for a new midfielder continues before January’s window.


Liverpool’s quest for a new midfielder continues ahead of the January transfer window. However, there’s a change in the plan for Jurgen Klopp. The Reds are not out of the race to sign Fluminense midfielder Andre Trindade. News of Andre’s linkage with Liverpool were in the market for a considerable amount of time. But as per the latest updates, the Merseysiders have now drifted their attention away from the 20 year old Brazilian. Moreover, they’re focusing on getting a better alternative for Andre Trindade. Jurgen Klopp wants a perfect number 6 for his team ahead of the upcoming January transfer window.

According to liverpool.com, Liverpool’s premier league rivals Fulham are now very close to sign a deal with Andre Trindade. The club has started talks with representatives of the player. However, it’ll be completely the player’s call about the decision to make a move to Fulham. In the meanwhile, Liverpool are looking to get Nicolo Barella in the January transfer window. Inter Milan want to extend the contract of the 26 year old Italy international. However, they’re facing threat from the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Newcastle United. Liverpool are ahead in the race for Nicolo Barella as of now. However, he’ll cost them around $102 million. The Reds would require capital to sign him and that might lead to some offloading from the Liverpool squad in January.

Liverpool’s quest for the premier league title has become interesting.

Liverpool and Arsenal played each other this Saturday. The match ended in a draw and the league table remains same as it was before. The Gunners are a point ahead of the Reds. Moreover, Jurgen Klopp would be looking to squeeze every opportunity that comes his way and getting a new midfielder in January is one of those opportunities. The gaffer wants to revolutionize his midline further and Nicolo Barella could be the perfect fit for his team.

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