Liverpool player shines for Argentina against Brazil.


Argentina played Brazil in the world cup 2026 qualifiers last night. Liverpool player, Alexis Mac Allister was also in the line up for Lionel Scaloni. The match ended 1-0 with Nicolas Otamendi scoring the winning goal for the world champions. Moreover, this win has only made sure that Argentina are almost qualified for the 2026 world cup. The current world champions have won 5 out of their 6 qualification matches and sit firmly on the top of the table.

As per rousingthekop, the Argentine media was impressed with Mac Allister’s performance. Furthermore, the Liverpool player played the entire match and is getting praises for the same reason. All this performance only signifies one thing. That is, manager Lionel Scaloni knows how to use the Liverpool midfielder and get the best out of him. Liverpool should definitely learn from the manager that how they can utilise the 24 year old to the best of his abilities.

Liverpool midfielder always performs well for his country and the club should learn a lesson from that.

Alexis Mac Allister arrived at the Anfield from Brighton this summer. The expectations were high from the world cup winner. However, he’s not been able to play according to the standards that he’s set for him while playing for Argentina. But it’s quite visible that why he’s not able to perform at the club level. That’s because Mac Allister is playing as a defensive midfielder which isn’t his familiar position. Moreover, he’s still learning about how to play deep and that’s affecting his performance. Mac Allister is used to playing higher up the field as he does for Argentina. The results are before everyone. He performs reasonably well for his national team.

Jurgen Klopp has to let Mac Allister play in his usual position in order to get results from him. Furthermore, the Reds should get a specialised number 6 as soon as possible.

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