Liverpool Mac Alister transfer would be a double deal

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Liverpool transfer of the star Alexis Mac Alister is currently on the radar as the main midfielder signing of the season.

Here’s a twist in the game though, as Liverpool is willing to sign a double deal. Another star Midfielder from Brighton itself, Isaac Ciacedo would also be on the radar of Liverpool soon.

Liverpool transfer for Mac Alister confirmed

The initial signings didn’t go as planned for Liverpool.After losing Jude Bellingham to Madrid against the odds of City and Chelsea, Liverpool has since then moved towards Mac Alister. Certain reports state the initial value of Brighton’s Mac Alister to be £60 – £70 million accordingly. But, a £40 million deal would be done in exchange along with a backup goal keeper Caoimhin kelleher.

Although Liverpool is ‘confirming’ it’s ticket for Mac Alister, another partner midfielder would also be the possible signing.Arsenal and Chelsea are also after Ciacedo to bring in him their squad.While Brighton have confirmed to sell Alister and keep it other stars. If any certain Bid more than £80 million arrives for Ciacedo then the chiefs would consider him.

The dual deal regarding ‘Alister Ciacedo’ possible?

Liverpool possibly believes in the potential transfer of Alister and Ciacedo on their side the combination would be deadly. Some other teams as such Arsenal and Chelsea are also after Ciacedo. Loss of Bellingham has made him a potential transfer worthy for all sides possible.

Still the chances are more as the Reds can make a staggering comeback with £80m deal for Ciacedo on way. Thus, the Bellingham deal would have cost them more with no improvement possibility for defence positions.The £40m Alister deal would improve their performance with bringing two top tier players in their side.

Hopes are high for the reds as only once after confirming the Alister transfer they would look for Ciacedo. With all possibilities up, this summer tranfer would be a great upcoming one for Isaac Ciacedo. Due to his sensational performance and stats at Brighton, Ciacedo will be a contender in the market.

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