Kepa has to do a lot more if he wants to shine at Real Madrid

Pulisic Chelsea Real Madrid

Kepa Arrizabalaga came on loan to provide cover for the injured Thibaut Courtois for the ongoing season. He followed a period on the bench the previous week. However, Carlo Ancelotti designated him as the starting goalkeeper for the current week’s match.

The match concluded with three points and a clean sheet. However, Kepa’s performance did little to inspire confidence among Real Madrid fans regarding the security of their goalkeeping position. Merely two minutes into the game, Kepa conceded a shot from distance at the near post, a reminiscent occurrence for fans who have observed his performances at Chelsea in recent times.

Kepa was fortunate to escape the situation due to the referee’s decision to call a questionable foul on him. The nature of the foul was remarkably mild, falling into the category of incidents that often incite complaints from fans across Spain regarding perceived unjust refereeing.

Such fortunate circumstances are unlikely to repeat every week. And Real Madrid will rely on Kepa performing at a significantly elevated standard. That is if they aim to accomplish any noteworthy achievements this season.

Kepa seemed impressed with his performance however. He said:

“I’ve tried to take things as calmly as possible. I’m gradually getting to know my teammates and what the coach expects of me. I’ve been with my teammates for a week and a few days now. I’m happy to contribute on the pitch”.

“I’m settling in gradually and am the newest arrival and I’m looking forward to helping out. Hence, I feel particularly happy with the clean sheet, the result and the three points”.

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