John Terry has admitted that he was wrong about current Liverpool star, says ‘It’s a regret I have’


John Terry has admitted that he never thought Mohamed Salah would go on to achieve what he has while he was starting out at Chelsea.

The Egyptian winger will go down as one of the greatest players in the history of the Premier League. After what he has accomplished at Liverpool, he’ll surely be a club legend.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing for Salah in England, after starting out at Chelsea he found it difficult to nail down a spot in the team.

Rejected by the Blues, the 31-year-old moved to Roma where he would impress before returning to English football with Liverpool.

Salah has been nothing short of sensational since and speaking on the Obi One podcast, John Terry has admitted that he regrets not giving him and Kevin De Bruyne more attention.

John Terry has admitted his mistake about thethen Chelsea youngsters:

Absolutely not, no chance. It’s my one disappointment as captain” Terry said when asked did he envisage the two players would achieve what they have via TBR Football.

“I softened as the years went on. But when those guys were there I was very disciplined in the group and very strong.

“They probably needed an arm around the shoulder, a sit down and a discussion and maybe I could’ve helped them settle in.

“I’m disappointed in myself as a captain and it’s a regret I have. I wouldn’t have said they would’ve gone to the levels they would’ve gone to, no chance”, John Terry has admitted.

After leaving Chelsea, both Salah and de Bruyne are considered as legends in the clubs they’re playing for. Both has become an indispensable part of Liverpool and of man City respectively. They even went on winning the Champions League, premier league and other trophies with those clubs.

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