Jamie Carragher hits back after Pep Guardiola’s comment.

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Jamie Carragher has responded to Pep Guardiola over his comment on him. Pep Guardiola criticised Jamie Carragher, Garry Neville and Micah Richards in the post match press conference after Manchester drew against Tottenham Hotspurs. Moreover, the Manchester City manager slammed the pundits over thier opinions on Manchester City. Pep believes that City can win the premier league title again this season. This statement came after their 3rd consecutive draw in the league. Furthermore, Jamie Carragher also commented that City are going to retain the premier league title. But Pep Guardiola has other plans.

According to thisisanfield, the Manchester City manager said that he doesn’t have anything to say for the pundits.

“Garry Neville knows how difficult it is to win the premier league. That’s why he couldn’t win it even during the best period of Manchester United. Jamie Carragher hasn’t won the premier league once. Micah Richards is also there. Maybe what they’re saying is right. But I have my own perspective about my team. I know how hard they work, how they press, how they celebrate after a win or how sad they are after losing a point.” – Pep Guardiola said.

Jamie Carragher has responded to Pep Guardiola’s comment.

Jamie Carragher gave a perfect response to Pep Guardiola on Twitter. The former Liverpool defender has spoken about Man City’s recent scenario.

” I think Liverpool would’ve won the premier league when I was there if they were owned by a nation state. Moreover, if we could push the rules so far during our time that there would be over 115 charges on us, then we could build a strong team and win the premier league title back then.” – Jamie Carragher said.

Carragher’s response is getting reactions over the internet. People do beleive that there are so many charges imposed on Guardiola’s side that any title won by them doesn’t seem legitimate.

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