FPL 2021-22 GW 7 Aftermath

Bertrand Traore

GW 7 of the Premier League came to an end on 3rd October. The final game was between Manchester City and Liverpool. It was the most awaited game of the GW 7. The game ended in a 2-2 draw but was a treat for football fans.

As for the Football Express team. The team managed to get around 43 points as Antonio was really unlucky to get a goal past the Brentford defense. Trent Alexander Arnold was again out of action due to some injury and also Andreas Christiansen also didn’t feature against Southampton which made it difficult to returns from the defense.

Trent will remain out of action for a few GW s so it is better to get a replacement.

Possible Replacements For Trent Alexander Arnold for the upcoming GW :

Chilwell (5.6m): With some back-to-back poor performances from Marcos Alonso Chilwell got his chance against Southampton. Though he made a mistake which led to the penalty but scored a goal to compensate for it, He also was a constant threat down the left flank and had many chances for bringing more attacking returns. On the other hand, he has a good run of fixtures coming up.

Veltman (4.4m): The Seagulls defender has provided 3 returns in the last 5 games. He also is really a budget enabler that will help you to free up funds and go for premiums in other positions.

Reguilon (5. 1m): Spurs will be facing Newcastle in the upcoming GW which looks like a fixture in which Spurs can keep a clean sheet and he also can provide some attacking returns also.

Potential Kings for the upcoming GW:

Romelu Lukaku has not provided a return for the past 3 GW s. Still, the run of fixtures is amazing and could prove risky if we don’t have him or remove him now.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the other top options who could prove a top captaincy option as he didn’t start the previous game against Everton and could get goals against Leicester as they are not much of a defensive side as they have managed only a single clean sheet from 7 games.

Mohammed Salah is a player who is on top form and could well be a potential King of the GW 8. He has the highest no. of shots in the opponents box and also creates chances. The Egyptian King is a player who you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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