Discordance in the Liverpool camp as Nunez’s outburst on Van Dijk

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Liverpool’s record signing Darwin Nunez is still struggling to settle into the team failing to score in the last 6 games.

Reports of Nunez’s low confidence are surfacing once again after he was seeing a bursting on Virgil van Dijk.

Liverpool signed Nunez for 100mill euros from Benfica.

The Uruguayan striker came with a lot of expectations but for now, is only a disappointment to the fans.

Is Nunez still not settled with the team?

It’s been a tipsy topsy season for Darwin as he got suspended against crystal palace for acting out of anger.

recently one more incident happened to bring Nunez into the limelight. The reds faced the rangers in the Champions League.

Nunez started up front for the reds getting a 2 – 0 victory. But it was a disappointing match for the striker as he failed to score once again.

Despite not scoring, Nunez is being highlighted because of his action toward his teammate Van Dijk.

Videos were found showing Nunez venting on the dutch centre back.

According to Mirror, NUNEZ then appeared to say:

“No quiere entrar hermano,”

To Van Dijk, who seemingly gave him encouragement. The meaning of the phrase is:

“It (the ball) doesn’t want to go in, brother.”

communication issues between the Uruguayan striker and Klopp

Nunez accepts that he is not been able to adjust to English football but feels confident this situation will be solved.

Nunez said:

“The truth is, I honestly don’t understand anything when he (Klopp) talks in team talks. Of course, I ask my teammates to see what he said, but I think he is very clear about his style of play,“

He said,

“Sometimes I feel a little indecisive, I don’t feel completely confident. But as time goes on, it gets better. The coach always gives me confidence, like Pep and Vitor, who are the ones who always translate for us. He gives me confidence.

He further added:

“And also my companions, who always talk to me, tell me to stay calm. When they talk, I feel calmer because I know that if I do something wrong, they will always support me. And I will also always be here to support them, it’s a very united group. “

Nunez ended his interview by saying:

” I have to show my game to the coach and be calmer when it’s time to shoot. The goal will come. It’s like ketchup, when it comes out a little, it all comes out.”

It seems like it was a very tough transition for the Uruguayan striker from Benfica to Liverpool. The fans don’t feel contented with his performance and it’s up to Nunez to stand up to the expectations.

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