Darwin Nunez and his memes left Michail Antonio in shock

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A video of Darwin Nunez of Liverpool “missing a push” went viral on social media, and Michail Antonio claims he couldn’t stop laughing at it.

Since moving to Anfield in the summer of last year, Nunez has somehow developed into somewhat of a joke among rival supporters. Due to his missed opportunities on the field, he has endured constant mockery off it.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the specific reason Darwin Nunez has been attacked in this manner with such ferocity. However, Antonio of West Ham United admitted on the Footballers Football Podcast that he found some aspects of the Uruguayan to be amusing.

“When we played him away some of the strikes he was doing were like ‘ohhh’. Left foot, right foot, always hitting the target and making our keeper pull off some unbelievable saves,” he admitted. “But it’s stuff I’m seeing on Instagram and social media where he just getting destroyed!”

“I swear there was one stage where everyone was pushing each other and I saw this meme and he’s come in to push and missed the push! I swear, it was like ‘he’s even missed the push,’ I couldn’t believe it, I was dying mate.”

“But I was like I swear this guy has got 14 goals this season!” Antonio referred to Darwin Nunez.

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A Lousy job by Antonio against Darwin Nunez

To be honest, Antonio did a lousy job with this. This underlines the problem with having two active football players hosting a very public podcast a little bit.

Along with Newcastle’s Callum Wilson, the 32-year-old frequently provides incisive and intriguing analyses of football-related events. However, there must be some subjects that are taboo.

One such subject should be openly mocking a much younger athlete who is joining a new league. We’ve all seen the social media videos that are going around; it’s okay to laugh in private. But to bring that into a public place is reckless.

Darwin Nunez is obviously having confidence issues right now. Antonio does provide some appreciation, but it is insufficient to offset the mockery that is being lapped up. It’s possible that the Liverpool striker won’t hear anything about this. You never know, though, and it won’t do him any good at all to hear two of his peers enjoy his difficulties.

Of course, Antonio is not responsible for coddling Nunez back into shape. However, mocking a young player in a new league is also not a good look.

Darwin does appear to have drawn this type of critique for whatever reason. Yes, he hasn’t quite lived up to expectations since his high-profile move last summer, but you can still see his potential. I’m crossing my fingers that he picks up and removes the smirks from everyone’s faces very soon. Darwin Nunez, be resilient and keep going!

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