Concerns raised over Liverpool forward Diego Jota’s injury

Diego Jota

Liverpool forward Diego Jota had a serious calf injury during the October bout against Manchester City at Anfield. With that, he joined the long list of players who would miss the World Cup due to injury. The severity of the injury meant that he would be out for a very long time missing a major portion of the season.

Recently, injury specialist Ben Dinnery raised more doubts about Jota’s possible return. Speaking on RedmenTV, he said:

“The worry and concern with Diogo Jota is you’re not just looking at this latest injury in isolation. You’re looking at what’s happened before that.

He picked up that hamstring problem early on in the summer and what we do know, what the research will tell us if you miss that pre-season programme, that cornerstone of your calendar year in terms of football, the reality is the more sessions you miss the higher the likelihood of you picking up another injury.

“So Diogo Jota is one of those players that will need to be managed very, very carefully because again he’s missed his chunk of a mini pre-season, another opportunity to help him cope physically with the demands of the Premier League during the second half.”

“Diogo Jota just because of what has happened over certainly the last six, seven months that’s a worry, that’s a concern and maybe you’re going to be looking to err on the side of caution.”

The many injury woes of Diego Jota and Liverpool

Injuries have become a plague on Jurgen Klopp’s squad since the start of the season. Jota entered the season with a hamstring issue, which made him miss the opening five matches.

He has missed over 43 matches since his arrival at Anfield. This has consistently been one of his bigger issues considering the substantial impact he has had on the pitch. Currently, he is one of four key players out with injury. These include Arthur Melo, Naby Keita, and Luis Diaz.

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