Aston Villa continues to struggle- Steven Gerrard believes the team can do better

Steven Gerrard

Coach Steven Gerrard was disappointed after Aston Villa’s draw against Nottingham Forest in the Premier League.

Steven Gerrard believes in the squad after a bad run

Aston Villa have drawn three games winning just one in the last four games. Villa have struggled so far in the season winning just two games so far. They were getting booed by their own fans after a draw against a team who is currently in 20th place.

Steven Gerrard has been facing a lot of criticism and questioned whether he is the right manager to take the club forward.

In a press conference, he said,

“I didn’t take this position or my previous coaching position at Rangers or Liverpool expecting everything to be fantastic every single day.

He added,

” I won’t change and I’ll continue to believe in what I believe in . I’ll continue to do the right things. I’ll continue to put myself forward to lead group to a better position.”

“My confidence in this group hasn’t changed because I can feel how close we are to being in a better place. I know the league table doesn’t suggest that but we’re one big moment away from sitting in a much healthier position.”

Aston Villa host Chelsea in their upcoming match in the Premier League. Aston Villa goes into the game as underdogs but will look to secure all three points.

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