Andy Robertson Potential Lengthy Absence Worries Liverpool


Liverpool fans are holding their breath as they await news about the severity of Andy Robertson shoulder injury. Depending on how bad the injury is, Andy Robertson could be sidelined for as long as three months, leaving a significant gap in Liverpool’s lineup.

Introduction: Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson, a Liverpool player, got hurt while playing against Spain. He went back to Liverpool for tests to see how bad his shoulder is hurt. The doctors say he should avoid moving his shoulder for about six weeks to three months, depending on how hurt it is.

If things go well, Andy Robertson will miss some games, like the one against Everton on October 21st and others in November.

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But if things go badly, he could miss even more games, like the ones against Manchester City, Manchester United, and Arsenal. That would be a lot of games, 17 in total!

The good news is that Liverpool has another player named Kostas Tsimikas who can play instead of Andy Robertson. He’s a good player and can help the team until Robertson is better. Liverpool is hoping that Robertson gets better quickly, but they have a backup plan with Tsimikas.


Liverpool fans are eagerly awaiting updates on Robertson’s condition; hoping that he will return to the field as soon as possible. The team will undoubtedly feel the impact of his absence; but they have quality options in their squad to help navigate this challenging period.

In a worst-case scenario; Liverpool fans might have to prepare themselves for the possibility that they won’t see their reliable left-back, Andy Robertson; playing for a long time. According to the latest reports, Robertson could miss up to 10 crucial fixtures, including high-stakes matches against Manchester City, Manchester United, and Arsenal. This situation is understandably causing concern among Liverpool fans, as it amounts to a staggering 17 games in total.

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