Allan Shearer messages Liverpool regarding League title


Alan Shearer messages Liverpool as he doesn’t think Jurgen Klopp’s side will able to fight for the Premier League title this season. The Premier League’s all-time leading goalscorer stated that he is ‘not sure’ about Liverpool from a defensive aspect, as he told Match of the Day 2. On Sunday, the Reds recorded a 2-2 draw against Brighton. And just hours after that, Arsenal made a historic win against Man City.

There isn’t any doubt about what the forward line produces. Mohammed Salah, once again, was at the heart of everything the team did in the final third. Diogo Jota is also a pretty good centre forward at Liverpool. And Liverpool’s defence is also more or less armoured well enough.

But after eight Premier League games, Liverpool have only managed to keep one clean sheet. However, this simply isn’t satisfactory enough for a team that wants to challenge for the league title.

Shearer messages Liverpool:

“I’m not sure about them defensively, Liverpool,” said Shearer. 

“I’m not changing my mind, I think it will be a two-horse race again – Arsenal and City. They might stay up there for a little while but I think by the end it will be Arsenal and City.” he further added.

Liverpool are currently in the 4th position in the Premier League. They’re just 3 points away from Tottenham, who are in the lead position.

Moreover, the midfield is still a crucial problem for the reds. As Gary Nevile has mentioned in his podcast, Liverpool would’ve been easily fought as one of the title contenders if they had someone like Declan Rice in their squad, who can strengthen their midfield by a no. of times. As that didn’t happen, so the midfield problem still remained as a thorn pricking in the success of Liverpool.

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