“So flimsy”-critics harshly criticise the Chelsea player and wonder who scouted him


Several football pundits have given Nicolas Jackson a harsh evaluation this morning.

Although the young striker for Chelsea, Nicolas Jackson, has gained notice as he begins his first campaign at Stamford Bridge.

Football analyst Andy Jacobs has questioned Jackson’s range for the crew due to his inconsistent play and goal-scoring historiography.

Nicolas Jackson encountered condemnation from a few of football pundits

Naturally, Nicolas Jackson was signed by Chelsea in the summer. He’s a player alongside possibility, no doubt about it, but he still needs to develop.

Far more vicious are talkSPORT hosts Hawksbee and Jacobs, who even question who was in charge of scouting Jackson.

Speaking to Chels HQ, they said:

“Who scouted Nicolas Jackson? He’s so flimsy. Who looked at him and thought this is a guy who can play in the Premier League? It’s just embarrassing. There’s no time [to adapt]. It’s not his fault that he isn’t up to it, he’s just not up to it.”

Jackson has played in eleven games this season, but he has notched just three goals. His missed opportunities in front of goal have outraged both experts and fans.

While there is no denying that Jackson’s performance has been erratic, some believe that the criticism levelled at him may be excessive.

Peter Crouch, a former midfielder for Chelsea, even questioned Jackson’s capacity to play as the Blues’ No. 9 for the long run.

Although Jackson’s supporters, aren’t prepared to  give up on him entirely. Many think he can help  the team by engaging in as a backup striker to a succeeded in frontman.

Chelsea will faced Blackburn Rovers today on Carabao Cup occasion. As the 22-year-old has a greater chance to prove himself.

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