Sam Allardyce explains why Tottenham midfielder was not a target of Arsenal

James Maddison

In the summer, Arsenal wanted to change up its midfield lineup. They had intended to sign two excellent midfield players, but things didn’t work out that way.

They signed Declan Rice for a record £105 million, but they did not sign another midfield player, even though they were linked to a number of other players.

The second one is non other current Tottenham midfielder James Maddison. Now the english international is doing a boom basting job for whites.

But why James Maddison was not a target of Arsenal

Why Gunners failed to attempt to sign James Maddison, who is starring for their North London rivals Spurs, must be on the minds of some Arsenal supporters.

He has three goals and five assists in 11 games. Last season whrn Leicester was relegated, it was clear that he will sure join a Premier League team. So far it’s surprising that the Gunners didn’t even jump to sign him.

The theory of Ex-England manager

Former England manager Sam Allardyce has his own theory around this this subject.

He thinks the Gunners may have decided Maddison wasn’t a good value signing after taking into account his injury history.

Arsenal has often experienced the cost of having an injured player on the team. As such, they are not valuable for the team.

On the No Tippy Tappy podcast, Allardyce said:

“He had the same problems at Leicester, didn’t he?

“He didn’t cost much, so he was worth the risk, but then you have a player who is like Declan Rice, who is Mr. 35 games or Mr. 40 games; those are the players you buy first,”

Perhaps Sam Allardyce established, Declan Rice was a gold-mine for Arsenal. He has significantly improved their midfield.

Although both midfielders are bedt aymt their very own. Both succeed for their clubs in crucial knocks. Sa far it will be a healthy rivalry.

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