Mikel Arteta defends Havertz: Manager backs the German as he’s having a poor start to the league.

Mikel Arteta

Arsenal have just been knocked out of the Carabao Cup by West Ham United. Lots of questions are being raised on the team. Moreover, new signings are the prime target for everyone as they’ve failed to deliver as per expectations. One of those new players is Kai Havertz, who has arrived from Chelsea. The German Midfielder is having a below average start to the season. However, the manager, Mikel Arteta defends Havertz in from of media. He believes it is the performance of the whole team and not any individual player.

Moreover, Arsenal are still undefeated in the league. They are just second to the table toppers Tottenham Hotspurs. They are just 2 points below them and can grab the top spot any moment.

After the veteran Granit Xhaka’s exit from the club, Arteta surprised everyone by bringing in Havertz for £65 million. What’s more surprising is the price tag that has been paid for the German despite his only notable contribution to Chelsea being the winning goal in 2021 champions league final.

Moreover, after arriving, Havertz has been playing mostly in the deeper areas of the midfield. This is not a familiar position for him as the German is known for attacking style of play. However, we are going to wait and see what can Havertz do in the remaining season.

Mikel Arteta defends Havertz and that is going to be beneficial for the team.

According to goal, the Spanish coach was determined to back his player before the media.

“I’m not going to blame our performance on any individual player. We win as a team and lose as a team” – Mikel Arteta said.

This gesture of the manager is going to have a positive impact on the team. Knowing that their boss trusts them, the players are going to do whatever it takes to win their match against New Castle on Saturday at St. James Park.

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