Micah Richards believes the 24-year-old Arsenal player responded to his critics this weekend


English pundit Micah Richards thinks Eddie Nketiah hit back to his critics after scoring a astonishing hatrick against Shefield United.

On the ‘The Rest Is Football’ podcast, Richards mentioned that Nketiah had received a lot of criticism.

But in counter the England international scored a hat-trick is certainly encouraging and following the hatrick Gunners trashed Shefield 5-0.

As a result, City legend was overjoyed to see Nketiah score a timely hat-trick for Arsenal in the absence of Gabriel Jesus.

Micah Richards on Eddie Nketiah

When speaking to Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer, Micah Richards referred to Nketiah’s comeback as his “moment of the week.”

Richards said on his podcast:

“I’m going with Nketiah. Hat-trick. After all the criticism he’s been taking from the fans, from the media, saying he’s not good enough.”

“To take that chance. Jesus injured in midweek, I’m going to give it to Nketiah.”

Richards will be aware that Nketiah has bigger tasks ahead of him in order to prove his worth to Arsenal.

But in terms of opinion, Alan Shearer has different gravy. As he believes despite his performance over the weekend, 24-year-old attacker cannot be Arteta’s leading man.

He was an excellent squad option for Arsenal, according to Shearer, but he is unlikely to be anything more.

It’s a familiar situation for the striker, having to demonstrate his worth while Jesus is out injured.

And, while Richards may believe that Nketiah does not deserve the scrutiny he has received at Arsenal, he has needed to improve.

Nketiah’s defence of his inconsistent play will undoubtedly impede his chances of getting off to a good start.

Although striker,  though, now has a  significant  chance to secure a  spot in Arsenal’s starting  lineup permanently and contribute more to England’s success.

However this hat-trick is a great beginning, Arsenal will still be hoping for more from the 24-year-old, who occasionally exhibits so much promise.

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